Hina-matsuri, also known as Girls’ Day, takes place on 3rd March and is a day of celebration in which Japanese people pray for the continued health and growth of their female children. This year, Japanese confection-making chain Ginza Cozy Corner have created the perfect gift for girls on that special day, inspired by a customary decoration called a ‘hinadan’.

This tiered stand is populated with ornamental dolls representing the imperial household. Two dolls representing the position of the Emperor and Empress, often flanked by blossom-adorned lamps, are to be found at the top. More elaborate sets will include a number of lower platforms, filled with dolls symbolising various attendants, musicians and helpers.

The Emperor and Empress dolls can be seen in this adorable nine-piece cake set as well as blossoms. Spring colours also feature heavily with combinations of pink, light green and yellow.

The box carries on the theme with a pretty, Hina-matsuri appropriate design. The set will cost 2700 yen and can be preordered now. The actual release will be between 27th February and 3rd March.

If a whole set of nine sweets is too much, there’s also cakes which would be perfect for a smaller amount of people who want to get in on the Girls’ Day fun.

These treats also feature super cute Emperor and Empress dolls to celebrate the occasion.

They will also be on sale between 27th February and 3rd March in branches of Ginza Cozy Corner.

By - Jess.