Japanese confectioners Ginza Cozy Corner make the cutest Disney inspired desserts, possibly in the world. Throughout the year they bless Disney fans’ eyes and taste buds with original nine-piece cake sets, based on the animation studio’s most famous and beloved works.

While they sometimes hit fans with a dose of nostalgia with classic films like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, they also celebrate the release of new movies when they come out.

So later this month they’re paying tribute to the new Buzz Lightyear movie, titled ‘Lightyear’, with one of their classic sets of nine mini-cakes and desserts. Can you guess which character is represented by each cake?

The top row has a cheese mousse and orange mousse cake for Jessie, a caramel whipped cream and coffee sponge sandwich cake as Bullseye, and a chocolate chip whipped cream representing Woody.

The middle row starts with Zurg as a blueberry mousse cake on the left, then in the very centre of the set up is a Space Ranger logo on a chocolate custard and chocolate mousse tart. Then Buzz Lightyear himself is a cheese mousse cake.

Lastly, the bottom row serves up Rex as a matcha whipped cream tart, one of the little green aliens as a matcha whipped cream roll cake, and Mr and Mrs Potato Head appear as a duo on one raspberry jam and chocolate banana whipped cream tart.

The set comes in a snazzy box featuring all these characters, making it a great gift for any Disney fan, or perfect to bring to a party.

It will be on sale at branches of Ginza Cozy Corner in Japan between 27th May and 23rd June, and it will cost 2700 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.