Currently, in January 2021, there is a hashtag trending on Twitter in Japan; 『#お前よくぞそんなもん撮ってたな選手権』“How-were-you-filming-that? competition”, for when someone just happens to be filming an odd picture or a video of strange sight at the right time.

Kunio Nikata (@nikata920) also joined the trend and posted an odd video on twitter with the hashtag.

This sad piece of tekka-maki (tuna roll) somehow ended up in between the conveyer belt, slowly and frustratingly making his way down the line.

The viewers left many comments on this as well:

-“I laughed out loud in the train myself.”

-“This is looking really sad, somehow.”

-“There is something sad and frustrating about this.”

We hope it wasn’t left out there intentionally, because then it would be a waste of food, which is not acceptable!

We hope that the sad tekka-maki made his way back to the kitchen on the conveyer belt eventually, and was saved by the staff!

By - Mugi.