The world of Final Fantasy has brought us many fantastical creatures and every gamer will have their favourite. Whether it’s the moogles who help you save your game and bring you post, or the cactuar whose fearsome moves made it a formidable opponent in the game, but whose adorable appearance ended up making it a fan favourite anyway.

But one of the most memorable creatures to ever come out of the series is surely the chocobo. The yellow bird, which can be ridden by the characters to help you get where you need to be, is instantly recognisable, even though it’s taken on a few different art styles throughout the game instalments.

Avid collectors of FF merchandise will be excited to learn that the chocobo has just been released in giant plushie form by a Japanese anime and manga goods online shop. The style chosen for this giant plushie is a cute, chibi design, and this sizeable friend would look adorable anywhere.

At 590mm high and 420mm wide, a big chocobo doesn’t come cheap, and it costs 17,800 yen (about 170 dollars) plus tax.

But if you simply need this Final Fantasy companion, it can be found online (Japan shipping only).

By - Jess.