Japan has fully embraced this year as the 30th anniversary of the popular Final Fantasy series, rolling out promotional campaigns that include Tokyo Tower being lit up as the Crystal Tower and a gigantic Ultima Weapon-themed ramen fork. Yokohama's underground Minatomirai Station is celebrating in their own way, however, by replacing the standard jingle of departing trains with classic music from the series! Trains that head to Motomachi Park and Yokohama's Chinatown get to hear the instantly recognizable "Victory Fanfare" from the series, played when your party defeats an enemy.

For passengers heading to Yokohama, departing trains are playing the main Final Fantasy theme.

Square Enix has previously done the same promotional act with music from the Dragon Quest series, and veteran travelers of Japan will know that many train lines have their own specific jingles. The celebratory Final Fantasy themes will play until July 7th, allowing summer travelers to feel as if they are leveling up during their daily commutes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.