In winter, due to dryness, less moisture particles in the air, and stable air current, the sky is generally clearer compared to what it is in summer.

We would like to introduce you to a few photos of beautiful scenery in Japan under such winter skies.

Japanese photographer, Usadanu (@usalica) likes to capture different colors and views in Kyoto depicting the four seasons. The famous Amanohashidate Sandbar is very well-known for its magnificent view in Kyoto. Take a look at these beautiful shots of Amanohashidate all dressed white in snow, and the clear blue winter sky in the background.

Source: @usalica

Source: @usalica

Source: @usalica

Source: @usalica

The summer sky is always wonderful, of course, but the clear winter sky in contrast with the view all covered in snow is just something else.

The clearness of the blue sky certainly adds the mood to the view of the majestic Amanohashidate.

The photos Usadanu posted on Twitter wowed a lot of users and received a lot of positive feedback and comments.

No words can describe how beautiful this is.

This is the beauty of Japan! It washes away your mind and spirit.

An amazing shot. The blue sky and the white snow is so refreshing.

We all tend to stay indoors during cold winter days. But, maybe a blue sky like this would be a great reason to get outside. Next time, make sure to look up and find your own view of the winter sky.

By - Mugi.