In Japan, January and February signal the end of the school year.

For high school seniors, it can get quite nostalgic. There are so many “this is the last time I’ll…” moments. Walking to school with friends, taking a favorite or hated teacher’s class, wearing a school uniform, and on and on.

Some students spend their school years rely on their moms for lunchtime. Despite those teenage hormones and fights over who knows what, mom always comes through with lunch the next day to show she cares.

An Emotional Last High School Bento

Twitter User Towanyan とわにゃん(@towan___)’s high school days are nearing an end.

A small note from mom attached to her bento box moved her to tears so she shared her incident with Twitter.

Her mom wrote:

I’m glad I got to make your bento for the last 3 years. Sorry it was mostly cold food and rolled omelettes.

Looks like mom went all out for the last bento though!

Twitter users responded with pictures of their own final lunch boxes and comments like:

  • What a wonderful mother. You can really feel her love.
  • My mom did the same thing and I cried at school…
  • This makes me tear up. We really have to be thankful for our mothers.

Mom’s repertoire may not have been the best at Towanyan’s high school, but each one was made with love.

By - Mujo.