Some people say, “cats are adorable.” Sure they are sweet sometimes...when they want something…but as recent Japanese researchers determined, don’t come between a feline and his or herwith matabi leaves—which cats apparently use as a mosquito repellant. Or their catnip, for that matter. Sure enough, angry cats can certainly have an attitude.

Twitter user Entangle (@ETGppp) posted a photo of a stray cat, and it's making the rounds on Twitter. Entangle had a successful time fishing on a recent outing. As he was packing up, a stray cat approached him and started eyeing his fishing bucket. Fearing for his catch, Entangle covered the bucket making sure the cat would not get any. Not a popular move…

"This stray cat is going ape. It was not happy that I covered my bucket of fishes."

Image reproduced with permission from Entangle (@ETGppp)

The cat certainly does not look pleased with the Twitter user. His followers reacted:

  • “He is just a hoodlum.”
  • "The cat's face is like a thief snarling at the police.”
  • “I was working from home. This post helped relieve my stress.”
  • “I can hear it grinding its teeth."
  • “Cats have such emotion! It’s cute!”
  • “The cat is not thin! She must be well-fed by local people.”
  • “It has a good face.”
  • “I imagined the cat said ‘tsk!’ You must keep an eye on your bucket!’ ”

Indeed, I’ve definitely seen that same face on many upset humans...

Another angry cat

There are lots of angry cats online. Another post was trending on Twitter:

"This cat my mother took a picture of is a serial killer."

According to contributor Toko Akiba (@G_AKB), her mother photographs her cat every time she glares like a serial killer in this way. So if something happens, there’ll be plenty of documentation, I guess. Regardless, when Toko asked her mother, “Why don’t you take a picture of its cute face?” Her mother replied, “It never shows a cute face.”

Ironically, this cat was waiting to "welcome" her mother as she returned home when she snapped this picture. Not so sure that going inside is a good idea…

Toko’s followers reacted:

  • “That cat is so scary, but I can’t hate it.”
  • “It’s like in a horror movie.”
  • “That cat is a sniper for sure.”
  • “I imagine that cat saying, ‘I will do anything for a snack.’ ”
  • "The cat who killed 1,000,000 people."
  • “Me today.”
  • “Oh, she found her husband, who is cheating on her.”
  • “Cute but psycho.”

Sure enough, it’s hard to imagine this face as the loving face of a pet cat.

Angry cats everywhere

As it turns out, nowhere is safe. There are angry cats everywhere. Some are even hidden in a drawer!

Twitter user Kokonya (@kokonananya) posted a picture of her cat.

It’s kind of like the movie Psycho, but with cats:

"It’s a shy Doraemon."

Doraemon is a famous character from a Japanese animated series. He is a futuristic cat robot who also happens to hide in drawers.

Her followers reacted:

  • “This Doraemon came to kill people.”
  • “Did use a time machine like in the series?”
  • “If I was there, I will close the drawer slowly.”
  • “The eyes are scary.”
  • “This cat is special.”
  • “If I keep my drawer open, will you come to my room too?”
  • “It’s cuter than Doraemon!”
  • “Compared to Doraemon, it doesn’t look very kind.”

Moreover, Kokonya has an angry cat on the ceiling, too!


She had better watch her back. Indeed, there are a lot of angry cats in the world. Maybe that's why they're praying at shrines this year...

By - Luke Mahoney.