At a stressful time such as this, it’s important that we all figure out our own preferred way to chill out. It seems this Japanese cat, who has become a viral star on Twitter, has got his self-care routine in the bag. Or should I say in the box?

Marunosuke’s owner posted this video of him on Twitter earlier this week and everyone was charmed by his eccentric pose. With his head in an empty beer box, he stretches his legs out as much as he can. He’s so zen, he even seems completely oblivious to the other cat that runs over him.

And once he’s had enough chill time, he simply takes off the box, looking as refreshed as ever.

Perhaps it’s the feeling we all get sometimes of wanting to shut the world out just for a bit which has made this cat’s box-headed pose so relatable.

Some commenters noted he looks like someone enjoying a VR game, while others just commented on how cute his stretched out legs are.

After Marunosuke’s online success, the owner posted a more usual shot to show what he looks like out of the box.

If you want to see more cute cat antics, there’s plenty to be seen if you check out Marunosuke’s owner on Twitter!

By - Jess.