Winter is tough. Every winter season, cars get stuck in the snow and make traffic conditions miserable for residents. Indeed, the snowplows in Aomori, Japan, have their hands full every year. However, everyone does what they can to put their best foot forward and survive the frigid season as best they can.

Twitter user Yūya Murakami 村上悠也 (@u8murakami) who lives in Aomori posted a picture that captures the mindset of his city. While he was driving his car, he couldn't help but smile when he saw this snowplow :

“I forgive you.”

As you know, snowplows have to clean the snow, and sometimes it's a dangerous job. Drivers must often drive slowly while working. This snowplow operator was probably concerned about this very issue and took the time to write this message for cars stuck behind him. For those who can't read Japanese, it says:

"Sorry. I'm slow."

Many people respected the driver’s kind attitude. They reacted:

  • “Wow, the driver must be a good guy.”
  • “The handwriting warms my heart.”
  • “The messages 'Sorry,' and ‘I’m slow,’ are so cute!”
  • “It’s a unique idea. I love this.”
  • “He's such a humble guy.”
  • “I understand how he feels. It's nice to see a humble snowplough driver.”
  • “Of course we forgive you!!!”
  • “I say, ‘Thank you always’ from bottom of my heart.”

Indeed, many remarked how they thought the driver was a kind person worried about the cars behind him. All in all, the driver’s kindness made more than 200 people happy.

Fortunately, this whimsical attitude seems to be catching on. Other similar snow pictures were trending on Twitter.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

Twitter user Tsubamen DE Suwa (@dh22swa) named his car ‘Nah’ and drew eyes and a mouth on her. As you can see, his car is asleep in the picture to the left and awake and ready to go in the picture to the right.

Many people reacted to his playfulness:

  • “Nah is cute! Be safe man!”
  • “That’s a Japanese version of the movie Cars.”
  • “If I were a car I'd be this car.”
  • “This is exactly why I need an Alpina B12.”
  • “It looks like a Pokemon character.”
  • "It's such a fancy car!"
  • “I like the way you think.”
  • “When the door opens, I imagine Nah saying, ‘please get in the car!’”

Many people liked Tsubamen's pictures. Just like children, some adults can't resist playing in the snow.

Snow art

Speaking of playfulness, check out this picture:

“It’s a midnight surprise.”

Twitter user Yamato (@kbtit8484) posted this picture of his car covered in the snow. This apparently happened naturally, and many people were surprised by this “natural phenomenon.”

  • “Wow, you must’ve been surprised...”
  • “This is a snow limited edition character.”
  • “It looks like a jack-o-lantern”
  • “Is this a monster? Lol.”
  • “This looks like a Mario odyssey enemy."
  • “If I saw this car in a dark place, I would cry."
  • “It’s like a Moai figure.”
  • “It’s scary.”

There were other natural phenomenons posted by Twitter user Yukeko (@Yuki_cco_). They are another instance of amazing natural art.

“There was record-breaking snow in Toyama… The amount of snow was crazy, but snow on the sign and this bike was kind of cool. It’s very artistic, don’t you think? Lol.”

As you can see, the snow on the sign and bike make them look like exhibitions in a museum. Although cold winters can be very tough, snow can, fortunately, add some beauty to the world. Having a playful attitude can also make things a bit easier to endure.

By - Luke Mahoney.