There’s been extreme weather this winter in various parts of the world, and Japan is no exception. Some areas have been treated to snowfall during January. Or been burdened with snowfall, depending on your perception. But whether you’re a lover or hater of snow, this cat proves that those with a strong disposition can simply ignore the snow and plow on ahead with what they were planning on doing anyway.

The cat in question is called Hachi-chan, and this video taken in Nagano went viral on Japanese Twitter earlier this month. Many were amazed at this cat’s resemblance to a snow plow, carving its own way effortlessly through thick snow.

The caption reads, 'the popular snowplow cat'. Hachi-chan is one of a few cat mascots that spend their time at a hot spring inn called Kiriya Ryokan. According to the staff, Hachi-chan was trying to get to a nearby cafe, which is why the cat braved the cold and pushed on.

As cute as Hachi-chan’s impressive actions were, many commenters did worry about the harsh effect of the weather. But the staff assured everyone that if it gets too cold, Hachi-chan rushes back to the inn without hesitation.

By - Jess.