Children sometimes surprise adults with their unexpected behavior. Twitter user Aya Hosoi (@hosoi) knows this well. Recently, her child surprised her while playing at a nearby park:

"My child always carries the Saudi Arabian flag so it’s easy to find him playing."

Aya’s son seems to have become fascinated with the flag of Saudi Arabia. He keeps it close to him even while playing with friends at the park!

Public domain, via Wikipedia Commons

According to Hosoi, her son likes the color green and is interested in flags recently (I’d guess the sword featured on the flag also caught his eye). Sure enough, her son found the Saudi Arabian flag at the dollar store, and now he stands out whenever he goes playing. How convenient.

Her followers reacted to her post:

  • "In a previous life he was an oil magnate.”
  • “He could be a sightseeing ambassador.”
  • "Wow, children are amusing."

There was also another comment claiming, “My son likes the Saudi Arabian flag too.” Apparently, it's OPEC nation is trending among children in Japan.

Other surprising kids

Another young person has recently been famous on Twitter—rightfully so, I might add. He's a hard and diligent worker.

Indeed, Twitter user TaguNatsu’s (@NatsuTagu) son has a unique habit.

"The slippers that my two-year-old son brings me are always a little bit warm. Surprisingly, he heats them in front of the radiator before giving them to me. It reminds me of the story of Hideyoshi."

You have to admit this is pretty kind and conscientious behavior for a two-year-old. I don't know if I was even walking when I was his age. During a cold winter, Natsu is lucky to have a son like him taking care of her.

Her followers also loved this post:

  • "Your son's kindness soothes my soul. A two-year-old cares about your feet. Of course it’s his personality, but I’m sure he’s been raised by nice people. ”
  • “He may be the reincarnation of Hideyoshi Toyotmi.”
  • “What a good boy!”
  • “He’s going to be successful in life.”
  • “Children care for their parents. I think you your household is very caring. This tweet warmed my heart. Thank you.”
  • “This is a photo of an angel. Even though it’s a cold day, I feel warm.”
  • “I like his purity of heart—he's not doing it for the praise, but so you can wear warm slippers.”
  • “He’s going to be popular in Japan!”

Finally, there is one more interesting kid popular on Twitter. User Noraneko (@ippikineko1) recently posted this picture:

"My son was bitten by a cat on his graduation day."

This cat is his ‘elder brother’ and is a part of the family. Even though it’s an important day for the young lad, it seems his cat is bringing his head down from the clouds. Ouch!

Many people reacted to the picture:

  • "I will imagine this picture and laugh when something bad happens to me.”
  • “His face says everything.”
  • "It's so cute, and it makes me happy. Thank you."
  • "Is this a Manzai comedy skit?”
  • “I looked at this picture at midnight and laughed silently. Lol.”
  • “I laughed aloud under my mask.”
  • “It’s a great picture! So sweet.”
  • “I’m sorry, but I love this so much.”

Sure enough, many people laughed at this funny picture. Some even noted how they would save this picture to look at when they are having a bad day. I'm sure these children keep everyone at home entertained as well.

By - Luke Mahoney.