From January 29, 2021, Aeon Cinema began a surprising new campaign.

The initiative is called the “One Day Free Passport.”

For ¥2,500 you can watch unlimited movies from the time the theater opens until the last showtime!

Aeon Cinema (@AEON_CINEMA) Tweeted about their new campaign.

It’s times like these that we want people to enjoy as many movies as possible. We are being very serious! (^^)

Furthermore, if you show your “One Day Free Passport” to the concession stand, you can get free soft drinks as well.

Certainly Covid-19 has hit a lot of businesses hard, and with film production slowed and even stopped across many countries, theatres have had it rough over the last year.

While some theaters have reopened, new releases are limited and they are often screening older films.

Nevertheless, Twitter users found the offer to be more than generous and shared their surprise and gratitude.

  • Aeon Cinema, are you for real?
  • Sweet! But, will sales be ok? Have you all lost your mind?
  • Thank God for this! I’ll take all possible precautions against infection and go!

In response to the many comments like, “Are you out of your mind?” (@AEON_CINEMA) stated

We have been questioned about our sanity from various quarters, but we are completely sane.

We apologize for worrying you.

If there’s an Aeon Cinema near you, please take advantage of the “One Day Free Passport” and spend the whole day at Aeon Cinema.

(@AEON_CINEMA) also released a video on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while visiting the theater.

Good morning ?

It seems that a lot of people took up AEON CINEMAS on Twitter yesterday... thank you ?

Aeon Cinema is open for business today with countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection, such as spacing out seats and tracking staff’s physical condition.

Please come to your nearest Aeon Cinema (^^)

They ask that visitors wear a mask, take their temperature upon entering the theater, maintain social distancing, and limit talking with others while at the theater.

The “One Day Free Passport” will be available until March 4, 2021.

So if you find yourself with some free time, why not spend your day at Aeon Cinema?

By - Mujo.