The changing face of face masks

With the novel coronavirus pandemic, face masks have become a commonplace item in society. At first, they were purely practical, a tool in the fight against the spread of the virus. However, it soon became apparent to fashion designers, creators and many businesses who were able to make or be involved in any way in the process of making face masks that there were other possibilities to tap. Innovation came in the materials used, for example, the moisture-absorbing material in Uniqlo's Airism masks which flew off shelves earlier this year, or washi Japanese paper face masks to go with kimonos. Masks became fashion statements, such as we saw with Pokemon Shirt, cat and dog masks, or these masks by fashion brand supply the right emblazoned with the message "fxxkin' CORONA."

Now, 長屋印刷株式会社 Nagaya Printing Co., Ltd., a Japanese printing company with over a century of experience, has come up with an innovative proposal that gives face masks an added function: face mask as promotion tool.

Printing on face masks

Nagaya Printing had long focused on conventional paper printing, but it had just started to focus on other materials when the pandemic struck. Rather than succumbing to these unfortunate circumstances, they began considering how they could contribute to society and came up with the idea of printing customers' own original designs on face masks.

Face mask as promotion tool

After a highly successful crowdfunding project which more than exceeded its target, they received customer feedback requesting face masks which could be used as a business card. Inspired by the excellent suggestion, Nagaya Printing launched three new kinds of face masks:

接客しマスク sekkyaku shi-masuku customer service mask (business card mask)

These face masks will make it easier for customers to remember your name and title. You can also add extra information to create a stronger impression or make it easier for customers to remember you. Whether it's professionally relevant information such as your qualifications and skills, or more personal information such as your hobbies and interests, these face masks can help.

営業しマスク eigyō shi-masuku sales mask

In Japan and perhaps other countries as well, sales representatives and people in other jobs involving regular interactions with customers sometimes hand out self-introduction cards when first meeting a new client. During the pandemic, however, giving and receiving objects by hand comes with an increased risk of infection. Introducing yourself with a face mask provides a safer alternative. You can also add catch phrases and other messages to your liking.

売り込みマスク urikomi-masuku promotion mask

You can promote yourself to your clients, not only with your company's name or logo, but also with illustrations or photos printed to create a stronger visual impact.

Product information

The masks have adjustable straps and are durable, with a triple-layer construction. Moreover, they pass level 4 to 5 of the JIS standard (5 is highest) for testing print resilience after washing, so the printed design won't easily fade.

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Construction: Triple-layer, antibacterial and anti-odor treatment
  • Washing: Wash and dry by hand
  • Size (adult): 14 cm (5.5") x 18 cm (7.1") (size when fully extended)
  • Size (child): 12 cm (4.7") x 14 cm (5.5") (size when fully extended)
  • Maximum print area: adult 10 cm (3.9") x 10 cm (3.9"), child 8 cm (3.1") x 8 cm (3.1")

Price and ordering

There is no minimum number for orders, and you can even create just a single mask. Masks cost 1,500 JPY each, including tax and are sent to any address in Japan for no additional delivery fee. (You'll need to use a forwarding service for additional cost if you want them delivered outside of Japan)

To place your order, visit their special website here.

Company information

  • Name (JP): 長屋印刷株式会社
  • Name (EN): Nagaya Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Address (JP): 愛知県名古屋市東区泉三丁目30番23号
  • Address (EN): 3-30-23 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
  • Tel: 052-931-3661
  • Corporate website
  • (Website for original face mask printing)

By - Ben K.