Did you know that there are several castles in Japan known as "castles in the sky"?

When the weather conditions are just right, a sea of clouds appears, making the castle look as if it was built on top of the clouds, creating a fantastic vista.

One of these "Castles in the Sky" is Echizen Ōno Castle 越前大野城 in Ōno City, Fukui Prefecture.

Talented Japanese photographer Hisa (@Hisa0808), whose beautiful photos we have featured many times on grape Japan, captured a truly exceptional photo of Echizen Ōno Castle.

Please take a look at the ethereal sight of Echizen Ōno Castle floating above a sea of clouds at night.

"The 'Castle in the Sky' is one of the most beautiful places in Japan."

Reproduced with permission from Hisa (@Hisa0808)

Reproduced with permission from Hisa (@Hisa0808)

The spots of color visible under the clouds aren't from the castle, but from the city lights beneath the clouds.

Many Twitter users reacted to this gorgeous sight:

  • "It's fantastic. It's incredibly beautiful."
  • "This is the first time I've seen it lit up like that from under the clouds. It's a spectacular sight."
  • "The sea of clouds can only be seen here for about 10 days a year, I believe. It's really amazing that you can capture such beauty!"

These "Castles in the Sky" are rarely seen, and a view at night with light patterns like this even more rarely. We can only imagine the sense of wonder Hisa must have felt when he was there.

Hisa continues to post his wonderful photos on Twitter and Instagram. If you're interested, why don't you take a peek?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.