This cat-themed sweets buffet event from Sweets Paradise will leave you feline content. Get yourself down to a Sweets Paradise near you from 15 February 2021 to experience the purrtastic event.

After receiving a lot of appraisal during last year’s ‘Sweets Para Nyans’, the sweet buffet chain has decided to run the event once again this Spring.

During the event, you can enjoy both a mixture of cat-themed cakes, sweets, and tasty treats, as well as adorable imagery designed and produced by the illustrator Juno – who has gained quite a following on Twitter and Instagram for their Line sticker illustrations ‘Mofumofu Nyanko’.

From 15 February until 11 May 2021, the Sweets Paradise menu will be updated to include a number of limited time treats inspired by our furry feline friends. Below is an introduction to just a handful of the delicious desserts, but the full menu can be found on the Sweets Paradise website.

Nikukyu Nyanko Roll

A maple syrup and cream filled roll cake featuring cute kitty toe-bean imprints on the sponge.

Nyanko ♥ LOVE cupcake

This cupcake is so delicious an adorable Nyanko has dived in!

Russian Blue Sesame Mousse Cake

Resembling the iconic blue-grey coat of the Russian Blue cat, this cake is covered in a mousse made from the mixing together of custard and sesame paste.

Nikukyu Nyanmitsu

Enjoy this mixture of 3 tasty bite-sized sweets with a dash of kuromitsu syrup.

Colorful raw pound strawberry

This pound cake is with a fluffy strawberry sponge and is filled with fresh strawberry whipped cream. It is decorated with a mixture of marshmallows, chocolate cat tails and strawberry slices.

Mofumofu Nyanko X Sweets Para Designs

If you’ve got a LINE account, you’ve probably checked out some of the sticker store’s most popular designs, and there’s one collection you’ve most likely fallen in love with (we have too) – the Mofumofu Nyanko stickers drawn by illustrator Juno.

The illustrations are not only popular on LINE and have also become a hot topic shared on SNS, where, across both Instagram and Twitter, their respective pages have gained more than 360,000 followers.

This time, Juno has collaborated with Sweets Paradise to design a limited number of cute Mofumofu Nyanko X Sweets Para motifs and illustrations that will decorate each store. During the event, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweets buffet whilst being surrounded by the adorable designs.

You will also be able to pick up some Mofumofu Nyanko X Sweets Para original limited edition goods during the event, that includes an acrylic decoration, a collection of pin badges and clear files featuring the collaboration illustrations.

Sweets Para Nyans

Event Period: 15 February – 11 May 2021
Location: All Sweets Paradise stores across Japan

Adults – 1,100 yen
Children – 870 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.