A wild, two-headed Japanese striped snake — a non-venomous snake native to Japan — was recently discovered in Osaka Prefecture. A rare phenomenon, double-headed snakes are described to be mutated twin snakes that were unable to fully divide as embryos. Most die soon after birth or become easy prey for predators, but this lucky snake is now living safe and sound at Master Of Dragon, a store in Yokohama, Kanagawa specializing in reptiles and amphibians.

The owner of the store has taken to social media to share videos and pictures of the new addition to his reptilian family, and it looks like it's doing well. Although it's only been three days since it was brought to Master Of Dragon, it has been filmed eating and writhing around like all snakes should.

Since the snake has only one body, and therefore only needs food for one snake, the portions are divided in half and fed to each head. And despite that their digestive system seems to be problem-free for the moment, the owner has been starting them off on smaller portions of food to be safe.

There are no current plans for the snakes to be sold, and they will instead stay at the store for the public to see. Considering the fragility of their health, it is probably the best solution for now.

If you're ever in the Yokohama area, remember that you have a very rare chance to see a two-headed snake in all its beauty!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.