Recently, retro culture has become a popular part of society, especially amongst the younger generations. In Japan, the term ‘ニューレトロ’ (Literally, ‘New Retro’) has even been coined to describe the act of reinterpreting and enjoying the culture of days gone by and intertwining it with aspects of modern life’.
These days you can find characteristics of this New Retro culture whether it be in music, fashion or food.

Since its debut during the summer of 1965, Coconut Sable has been a long-standing favourite amongst Japan’s confectionary brands. In fact, the snack has been such a popular seller, that there have been almost no changes made to the ingredients and production since its release.

It is the fact that Coconut Sable has stood the test of time and has remained a popular snack amongst all generations, that the brand will be unveiling a collection of Coconut Sable inspired by the themes of New Retro culture.

The first release of the series will be ‘Mellow Coffee Milk flavoured Coconut Sable’. The flavour takes inspiration from the old-fashioned culture of sento bathing, which rose in popularity and saw its peak during the 1970’s. After a enjoying a relaxing bath, customers would buy a carton of ‘coffee milk’ from the sento’s receptionist, known traditionally in Japanese as ‘番台さん’ (pronounced bandai san).

The first biscuits of the release are characterised by a milky flavour accompanied by a faint aftertaste of coffee. The package design will feature retro inspired illustrations of coffee milk, people enjoying sento, and coconut sable, all in pale tones and shades of blue, yellow and brown.

Spark nostalgic feelings and jump on the New Retro trend with the limited edition Coconut Sable. The first in the collection will be released nationwide from 8 February 2021.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.