Japan's diverse and sometimes surprising use of regional and limited edition flavors in Kit Kats has made them a popular souvenir for travelers from abroad and within the country alike, it's their fancy Kit Kat Chocolatory stores that offer some of their most creative treats.

In the past, Kit Kat Chocolatory locations in Japan have offered up flavors that correspond with your birth stone, the world's first ruby chocolate, volcanic chocolate, and even sushi Kit Kat varieties.

Their latest release fits right in on the shelves of the Chocolatory's high-end shelf, as it's titled "Whisky Barrel Aged" and contains cacao chocolate aged for 180 days in whisky barrels from Islay, Scotland.

The chocolate is produced using crumbled bits of dried cacao beans that stored and aged in whisky barrels on the Scottish island of Islay, which most whisky lovers will know as the hallowed ground and home of some of the finest smoky and peaty whiskies around.

The barrels are rotated once a week to ensure that the cacao nibs gradually adopt an aroma and taste characteristic of Islay whisky.

The end result, Nestle says, is a mellow but dark chocolate infused with a peaty whisky finish and aroma perfect for adults to unwind with.

As with other Chocolatory projects, the new Kit Kat was supervised by Japanese patisseri Yasumasa Takagi, who heads the luxurious Le Pattisier Takagi.

The new Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kats will be available exclusively at Kit Kat Chocolatory locations throughout Japan starting December 15th. At 324 yen per bar they're pricier than your normal Kit Kat, but with the effort put into crafting them they definitely sound worth a try!

By - Big Neko.