As of February 2021, a new strain of COVID-19 is spreading throughout Japan.

All over the city, we see posters calling for countermeasures to prevent infection.

The seriousness of the situation may cause some people to feel a sense of gloom when they see such warnings.

These “Anti-infection posters" are also a hot topic on Twitter.

One poster by cartoonist Takayuki Mizushina (@sinamism) is attracting a lot of attention and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Cats Won’t Do It. Good Luck People!

Reproduced with permission from @sinamism (@sinamism)

Dogs Can Too! Come on Everyone!

Reproduced with permission from @sinamism (@sinamism)

The posters depict a fickle cat and a hygienic dog. Both illustrations, which call for infection countermeasures, convey a much lighter mood than most posters you see around these days.

The artist wrote:

"This is the latest version of the dog and cat poster, January 2021. You can download, print, distribute, and display it freely (no need to report). If you don't have a printer, you can print it at Seven-Eleven's Net Print (...)"

(Availability at Seven-Eleven ended on Jan. 29th)

User Reactions

There have been many responses on Twitter.

Tanukuro (@zGWi7cwSwdRGAOs) saw this poster in the restroom at his workplace and posted a photo of it, which received over 60,000 likes.

The artist’s post has also received a lot of great feedback on Twitter.

  • What a great poster! I laughed at the cat’s attitude. “Good luck people!”
  • Cute! I’m going to put it up at work.
  • I’ve seen this on the street and found it soothing.
  • I have a cat so I can relate to the images. The dog version is great too!

If you put it up at home, at work, or anywhere else where people can see it, it will remind us all about infection prevention, and at the same time, soothe our hearts a bit.

By - Mujo.