The way to a man’s heart, as the old adage goes, is through his stomach. The Valentine’s menu at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Tokyo sets out to prove this is true with a special chocolate burger that looks delicious enough to woo just about anybody, regardless of gender .

While the idea of meat and chocolate may not immediately appeal to customers, the Chocolate Burger has been designed by Isamu Otani, a chef specializing in western cuisine with a track record of scrumptious avant-garde burger designs. This Valentine's themed burger proves surprisingly delicious thanks to a balanced combination of flavors achieved using high-quality ingredients.

The Chocolate Burger comprises a 100% domestic beef pate, avocado, and heart-shaped mozzarella cheese, sandwiched between slightly sweet buns kneaded with chocolate. Customers must choose from two Valentine's sauces, "Japanese-style ginger chocolate sauce" and "Western-style red wine chocolate sauce," both of which use plenty of bitter chocolate from Valrhona, France. Biting into the beating heart of this sandwich, your mouth is filled with chocolate aromas and rich umami meat juices as sweet and savory harmonize in the taste of a truly outstanding hamburger.

The recipe for romance awaits at the Hyatt, where you can share a special moment with your lover, gazing into one another's eyes and sharing a moment of bliss as your mouths simultaneously fill with indulgent chocolate flavors and meaty juices.

Available in Hyatt Regency’s restaurant, “Cafe”, the chocolate burger is priced at ¥3,993 (inc. tax), or ¥3,300 (inc. tax) for takeout customers.

And for desert...

The "Pastry Shop" in the Hyatt is selling its annual collection of Valentine's day treats which make the perfect after burger desert. Head pastry chef and master chocolatier Koichi Sato, has created a gorgeous array of chocolate tablets, macaroons and sables pictured below:

Tablet chocolate | ¥ 1,296 each (inc. tax)

4 types of chocolate tablets, including ruby ​​using Callebaut's ruby ​​chocolate, dark made with KOAKA fair trade chocolate, milk, and white.

  • Ruby x apricot: Macaroons, marshmallows, dried apricot and cranberry fruits trapped in chocolate.
  • Bitter x nuts: filled with plenty of pecan nuts, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, etc. to create a savory taste.
  • Milk x orange: a combination of pine nuts and citrus fruits such as Kawachi Bankan, oranges, and lemons.
  • White x Apple: dried apples, cranberries and passion fruit scented and colored with rose.

5 kinds of chocolate macaroons | ¥ 1,512 (inc. tax)

Using chocolate from Domori, Italy, Koichi Sato has crafted five macaroons to perfectly accentuate the aroma and taste of 5 different varieties of locally produced chocolate. Customers can enjoy a deep world of chocolate by tasting the different levels of bitterness, sweetness, and aroma from 5 types of chocolate.

  • Macaroon types: Ariba Nacional 56%, Ariba Nacional 75%, Aribaole 50%, Sambirano 75%, Sul del Lago 75%

Assorted chocolate deserts

  • 10 pieces of raw chocolate | ¥ 1,296 (
  • Sable chocolate au lait 2 pieces | ¥ 648 (inc. tax)
  • Noir Chocolate Cake | ¥ 2,916 (inc. tax)

By - Toby M.