I have a couple of vegan friends that live in Japan, and as a person trying to choose plant-based meals whenever is possible, there are many times I find it difficult to do so.

I think that vegan choices are still quite a rarity in Japan, especially for those who live outside of Tokyo.

However, if you are fortunate enough to live nearby, you will find a couple of vegan shops, restaurants, and products you can buy.

Even though finding vegan choices is a struggle for many vegans living in Japan, you can still find stores with a few options on their menu or places that are entirely vegan.

One of those places is hal okada vegan sweets lab.

Haruo Okada (春⽣岡⽥), a vegan pâtissier, has opened this cake shop specialized in vegan sweets on a quiet alley in Hiroo, Tokyo.

He uses ingredients 100% derived from plants, and the Strawberry Vegan Shortcake is one of the masterpieces of the pastry chef and the main item on the menu.


However, the pâtissier occasionally releases seasonal items and sweets, such as the Valentine Day limited-chocolate roll cake Soymilk Chocolat Roll (豆乳ショコラロー/Tōnyū Shokorarōru).

The roll cake is available for pre-ordering until the 10th of February, and it will be on sale starting from the 2nd of February to 14th.

You can pre-order it and find out more information here.

Please note that the store has no delivery options, so you will need to opt for the take-out option if you want to eat it at home.

The chocolate roll cake is not only vegan but also gluten-free, and you can purchase it for 2,700 yen (tax included).

It has a rich chocolate taste and a perfect balance between the flavorful ganache and the soft, fluffy rice flour sponge cake.

The ganache made by combining the soy milk and the cacao gives it a creamier texture. As a finishing touch, the roll cake has chocolate and cacao nibs as a topping.

The perfect harmony of the ingredients allows us to enjoy the softest, creamiest, and delicious chocolate roll, prepared with lots of care and guilt-free ingredients for this special day.

For those who are interested in the strawberry shortcake, you can make an online reservation, too.

You can choose between a whole cake (4,300 yen) or a one-piece cake (680 yen), and you can buy it or other limited products here.

Hours: 11 am to 7 pm (※Closed on Wednesday).

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