A cat owner (who lives with her beloved kitten, Herb (@herbs_the_cat), recently shared photos showing how Herb took a very fitting liking to the packaging of Neko-neko (cat) loaf bread, a popular cat-shaped bread in Japan. One day, she made a mini cat house out of the box from the cat-themed bakery. Herb instantly became smitten with his new house.

Take a look at the photos that 120,000 people fell in love with.

Herb was only born in April 2020, and is still a kitten. His small body still fits perfectly into the small box.

You can see his fluffy coat sticking out of the windows and his adorable big eyes looking at us from the house.

Many people became obsessed with his cuteness:

-“What is this cute creature!? This is not fair.” -“ He is fitting just puuurrfectly! The second photo is my favorite.” -“My cat wouldn’t fit in such a small box! I’m so jealous!”

It looks like Herb brought smiles to many people in his new cat house!

By - Mugi.

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