Heart Bread Antique bakery's cat-shaped Neko Neko Shokupan ("shokupan" is fluffy white bread usually served for breakfast toast in Japanese) is available in chocolate, cheese, red bean, and plain flavors. Using 100% milk, the loaves are known to be particularly fluffy and come with a rich and milky aftertaste. Back in November, the bakery opened up a charming Tokyo branch and recently set up online orders for a colorful watermelon cat-shaped bread treat as well.

Now the feline-bread bakery is opening up a branch in Kyoto with an all new line up of kitty bread and sweets.

Neko neko shokupan with soymilk.


A twist on the classic cat bread recipe using 100% soymilk and soybeans, as well as soy cream butter in place of mascarpone cheese

The new soy milk inspired lineup includes the plain flavor described above, but also embraces Kyoto's well known high quality tea and tea culture with flavors that infuse the cat bread's "ear" portions with hojicha (roasted green tea) and white chocolate, as well as a matcha and black bean variety.

Visitors can also try out "cat-butter sandwiches"--miniature cat-shaped crispy cookies that sandwiches made from fermented French butter and chocolate cream. The fillings come in a variety of flavors, including earl gray and cassis.

The whole lineup will be available at Kyoto Grandir starting July 24th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.