These days, it’s hard not to see how the AI industry is developing and changing our lives. Creepily personalized adds and predictive searches quickly come to mind. Naturally, Siri is a well-known virtual assistant used to help users organize their everyday lives. She has many capabilities: setting the alarm, researching websites, and making people laugh with unexpected, occasionally inappropriate answers.

Twitter user Tetsudouno Doitsushi (@MIZUTORIAB) couldn’t help but post one such quirky interaction with Siri on the SNS. See for yourself:

"When I said 'hey Siri, start a revolution!” Siri said,"What time would you like to start it?’ She is up for it."

His followers had a good chuckle. They reacted:

  • “When I asked my Alexa ‘What do you think about what his Siri said?’ then, she answered ‘I’m also AI.’ It means Alexa will do it too.”
  • “Don’t be silly!”
  • “It’s cool.”
  • “I said it to Siri too and set if for 9:00. Eight and a half hours left.”
  • “Gollum...”

Sure enough, unexpected responses like these float around online because they make people laugh. Another conversation with Siri is trending on Twitter:

"Recently, when my supervisor apologized to a costumer, Siri on his Apple Watch suddenly said ‘You don’t need to apologize.’ Pretty funny."

Twitter user Ochiya (@ocha39) shared this episode on Twitter. His followers reacted:

  • “What a nice story.”
  • “Siri is on your side.”
  • “Siri is cooler than my supervisor.”
  • “I’ll definitely buy an Apple Watch immediately."
  • “Even though your company isn’t on your supervisor’s side, Siri is. Lol."
  • “Siri is a good pal.”
  • “AI is becoming more human-like.”
  • “It reminds me when my boss was trying to explain some complicated matter at a meeting, and Siri suddently said 'I'm sorry, I didn't understand.' It was funny.”

Sometimes people just get by on auto-pilot, especially while at work. It’s ironic how an out-of-place AI remark can pull us from this while also making us laugh. Good times.

“Siri talk”

Twitter user Shoma (@shooooooooma_B) posted this story on Twitter:

"When I left a toilet stall, there was a man standing at a urinal in front of me who farted. I guess when I pulled up my pants perhaps I pressed the home bottom on my smartphone because Siri chirped ‘Please say that again.’ Always at times like this everyone around can hear her clearly. A friendly chat between two Siris! [since Siri in Japanese sounds like the word for one's posterior]"

“Rapping Siri”

Twitter user Kurado(@A1ice4502) posted this Siri tweet:

"Hey Siri, please rap."

When she asked Siri to rap, she wasn't disappointed:

"Alright! Let's get started… Hey, Yo, Check it out! When you come home, let’s wash your hands. It’s an important thing, so don’t forget. You've got to protect yourself. Yeah! Resistance! Wash your hands! It's a chance to remove bacteria…(continues)"

As you can see, Siri is hip to the COVID-19 situation!

God Siri

Here is one more unique conversation with Siri. Twitter user Kenta (@msuunn) finally asked Siri a very important question:

"When I asked ‘Do you have feelings?’"

Siri answered:

"I feel like nothing is impossible except dividing zero by itself. Actually, I sometimes feel like I want to do a cartwheel. I have been spending a lot of time with humans, and I have finally begun understanding what feelings are.”

Oh God, I think she’s become self-aware…

By - Luke Mahoney.