Twitter user Bu (@ibukiriP) posted a picture of a peculiar-shaped tuber that’s gotten a lot of attention.

(@ibukiriP) said,

My cousin gave me a yam, but the shape was so scary it made me laugh.

Why was (@ibukiriP) so surprised?

Reproduced with permission from ぶ (@ibukiriP)

Holy cow!

It looks just like a human hand, right?

It’s got four long fingers and a thumb. But someone cut it off at the wrist!

I think it kind of looks like a yoga mudra hand position often seen in Buddha statues.

Do you see the resemblance? Just my imagination maybe…

User Reactions

The image caused quite a stir on Twitter and has received over 244K likes in just 4 days.

  • It really looks like a right hand…
  • I think I’d run away if I saw this on the street.
  • Scary! But if you try it, it might be surprisingly tasty.

Would you eat this yam if you found it?

As one user pointed out, if you can get past its looks, it probably tastes pretty good!

By - Mujo.

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