If you're looking for a handy new iPhone case, look no further. Sold by Japanese smartphone case retailer Hamee, this unusually shaped case called "Nami's Hand" is realistically modeled after a real woman's hand, reproducing details right down to the whites of the nails and palm lines. Although not as soft and flexible as a real hand, the fleshy parts of the fingers and palm are still remarkably soft to the touch.

You can use it as a conversation starter, as a joke (but please be careful with people with weak hearts or who are easily frightened or startled) or, if you're not creeped out by an inanimate hand, as a "virtual" friend to keep you company.

Modeled after a real hand

Realistic details

Even if you're talking to a telemarketer, you'll be all smiles when you enjoy the sensation of holding hands with Nami.

Nami's Hand weighs about the same as an apple.


You can enjoy a bracing breakfast that will quickly dispel the sleep from your eyes when you put Nami's Hand at your table in the morning.

You can take Nami's Hand on a pleasant stroll as you head to your neighborhood cafe.

You won't feel lonely when you sleep holding Nami's Hand

You can use Nami's Hand to organize your headphones and she looks great when you're charging your phone. You can also give Nami's Hand as a gift to someone in a paper bag (bag sold separately)

Nami's Hand is available in three types adapted to the iPhone model you own.


By - Ben K.