LeSportsac is a New York handbag and luggage brand that is known for their functional designs and eye-catching prints. This month, they released a new lineup that features a familiar gray creature beloved by many across the world.

The “My Neighbor Totoro Collection” from LeSportsac has 22 different items, most of which are divided into two prints. The first print is called “Totoro gray”, and it has images of Totoro and the soot sprites spread out against a gray background. The second print is called “Totoro botanical”, and in it, Totoro can be found entangled among plants and flowers on a dark blue background.

You can see examples of what the pattern looks like below, with the everyday bag (17,500 yen) and the rectangular makeup bag (3,200 yen).

There are also two smaller makeup bags with designs that are unique from the rest of the collection. One has a smiling Totoro for the front portion in orange, with a backside of Totoro sitting next to a blue Mini Totoro. The other makeup bag has a calm Totoro in front of a plant, with the back side featuring him with his mouth wide open as he looks towards the sky. Both bags are priced at 3,500 yen.

The “My Neighbor Totoro Collection” is available until March 21, 2021. They’re being released both by LeSportsac Japan and the official Studio Ghibli merchandise store, Donguri Republic. You can find them on LeSportsac Japan’s online store, and on Donguri Republic’s online and physical stores.

By - Jen Laforteza.