When Japanese oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard isn't offering KFC-scented bath bombs and see-through schoolgirl outfits, they like to get creative with animal-themed goods, and it appears they have a bit of a soft spot for Giant Isopods. Village Vanguard looks to continue that trend with a new bag that falls somewhere between eyesore and adorable, with this crawly and furry Giant Isopod backpack.

Handmade designer ma-mo designed the bag, which is made out of a comfortable and lightweight sweat fabric. Under each shell lining is a zipper and separate compartment, the shell looks pretty realistic. Despite not being much of a "mainstream" cute animal, there is actually quite a bit of "kawaii-ified" Giant Isopod merchandise available in Japan, including plushies at aquariums.

It's currently available for pre-order on Village Vanguard's website (only for domestic shipping in Japan), for 23,760 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.