A maker in one of Japan's most proud green tea producing regions, Shizuoka prefecture, has been giving animal lovers some a chance to sip on some high quality tea along with some adorable cat and dog tea bag tags. Those who have a soft spot for our aquatic friends can now join the party, as they've got their own series of "Sea Creatures Tea Bags" which turn some of our favorite swimming critters into clever tea bags stuffed with the prized leaves of Shizuoka.

Much like their cat and dog counterparts, these tea bags come in a lineup of six featuring carefully laser cut and animal-shaped straps attached to their tea bags. They can be posed humorously on the cup, go for a swim, and be removed for decorative purposes afterwards.

The straps recreate everything from the prickly exterior of a pufferfish to the playful nature of sea lions.

Sea lion






As with other entries in the series, the green tea leaves were carefully selected by a maker in Shizuoka prefecture, resulting in a deeply rich green tea that strikes a delicious balance between sweetness and biterness.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.