As cat lovers, we all love to see examples of ambitious cats trying their hardest to fit into a box that is far too small to hold all that feline. Even better than this spectacle surely, is this set of photos that has been dubbed by the owner as the ‘cardboard box struggle’.

These two cats, called Riru-chan and Pino-chan, both scramble to claim any cardboard box as their own resting place, even one as shallow as the box shown in the photos. You can see the results in the photo which was uploaded to Twitter.

Source: @SHAKEhizi_BSK

The owner, who owns five cats in total, is surely used to witnessing the inexplicable popularity of cardboard boxes, and added a philosophical question to the tweet. Is Riru-chan in the box or not?

Some commenters weighed in:

‘This made me laugh. She wants to get in no matter what.’

‘Is she in, or not… No she’s just sitting on top.’

‘As long as both cats are satisfied, it’s okay!’

So is the cat in the box or not? You decide!

There’s other photos which were uploaded showing another tactic, this time from Pino-chan, resting her chin on the victorious Riru-chan.

Source: @SHAKEhizi_BSK

Source: @SHAKEhizi_BSK

Don’t forget to check out the owner’s Twitter page if you want to see more adorable cat antics!

By - Jess.