We love a good photo puzzle at grape Japan, and thanks to Twitter, we’ve seen several challenging entries that were particularly difficult to solve.

One hamster owner created a fiendishly hard photo puzzle where we had to identify the real pet, and another person posted a photo where we were left scratching our heads trying to find a cat.

This extra puzzling challenge requires you not just to find one cat, but several. In fact, the objective of this one is to guess just how many felines there are.

It looks simple at first, as there’s three cats that seem to jump out at you. However, it turns out there is actually more than three in the photo.

Source: @nekobeya35

So how many can you see?

There’s actually more than two times three, so if you have less than that number, take another look! The answer will follow.

The actual answer is…

Source: @nekobeya35

Eight cats!

So were you right? Or did you miss some?

This is a particularly difficult challenge since many of the cats are in the shadows, hidden by plants.

If you want to see more photos featuring a large number of cats, check out the owner’s Twitter page!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.