Recently we've been enjoying some cute viral photos of lazy dogs, such as the shiba inu who can barely fit in the dog bed, but of course cats can go viral for being lethargic too!

This adorable kitty is a rescue cat, who was found in a park in a bad way. After being rescued and finding a new home this month, his new owners called him ‘Shimeji’, which is a type of mushroom. Apparently he settled down quickly into his new life.

Source: @a2c_S1000RR

Looking at photos of Shimeji now, you’d swear he was born into the high life. This particular photo set, which was uploaded to Twitter, went viral in Japanese Twitter circles, as Shimeji grabbed attention with his cuteness and relatability.

His new owners bought him a cat-sized futon to sleep in. Sometimes cats are resistant to human-style beds, but Shimeji loves his futon and sleeps soundly in it. Not only is a love of comfy bed clothes very relatable, but Shimeji’s reaction to being woken up also resonated with many.

Source: @a2c_S1000RR

The fact that he also watches TV without getting out of the futon really sealed the deal, with commenters wondering, ‘isn’t this actually just me on my day off?’

Source: @a2c_S1000RR

Shimeji now even has his own Twitter page entitled ‘Futon Cat Shimeji’, check it out if you want to see more of his undeniable cuteness!

By - Jess.