Some animals are more photogenic than others, and we’ve seen our fair share of pets posted on social media that have the looks, attitude and posing down. The photo we have for you today attracted many admirers after being shared on Twitter, boasting over 38 thousand likes.

The Twitter user who posted the photo looks after rescue cats and dogs, and this cat came to their home via an animal shelter. They estimate the kitty, called Puusuke-kun, to be about five years old.

Although Puusuke-kun has had a rocky road leading to his life in a new home, he seems ready to jump into a very competitive field.

The caption reads ‘is it necessary to be this cool?’, and you can see why.

Puusuke-kun’s ultra chic pose looks straight out of America’s Next Top Model. Not only are his limbs perfectly poised, but his gaze and expression are very impressive too, giving off ‘so-hot-right-now’, in-demand, top model realness. He even looks as though he’s wearing a swimsuit in a classic poolside photoshoot.

If you’re interested in the journeys of rescue pets in Japan, check out the original poster’s Twitter page. There’s regular photo and video updates featuring adorable cats and dogs.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.