A famous Japanese comedian Ehara Masaaki and his kin are attracting attention on SNS platforms for the family-friendly content they provide. His Instagram account featuring countless videos with his three daughters and son boasts more than 300,000 followers:

"I won the Manzai stand-up competition with my family! Thank you everyone for the congratulatory DMs and messages."

To wrap our heads around all the buzz, let's look at the daily life of this unique family!

Recently, Ehara Masahiro posted this video to TikTok and Instagram:

"How to stop fights."

Even his youngest is dancing with the group! Indeed, it’s heartwarming to see the entire family having fun together like this.

Ehara’s followers reacted:

  • "You made my day!"
  • “Everyone is so cute.”
  • “Your smiles make me happy.”
  • “So cute! I yearn for such a family!”
  • “This is great! I also want to do this with my family.”
  • “I’m healed. I'm always looking forward to your videos.”

Sure enough, followers get a quick pick-me-up from the eye bleach cuteness and good times of the family's content.

The eldest daughter

It’s easy to see that Ehara’s daughters are burgeoning talent. In particular, his eldest daughter Miu especially takes after the comedian. Recently, he posted a video featuring the two of them:

"The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree."

It’s easy to see that Miu certainly inherited the dance moves of her father. Ehara’s followers reacted:

  • "You guys have the same face and you move your legs the same way. Lol.”
  • “You guys make me feel better! Thank you."
  • “It's the best! Your eldest daughter Miu is a professional!”
  • “The way you guys look at the camera is the best”
  • “I wish I had such a family...I envy you.”

Miu also has quite a set of pipes. Have a listen, why don’t you:

"A parent-child duo that performs whenever my daughter enters my practice room."

His followers were surprised by her powerful and great voice:

  • "She's good at singing like you, Ehara!"
  • “She’s great! She can be a singer!”
  • “Voice switching, rhythm, intonation ... It’s difficult to match just the sound of the guitar though. She’s really cool!”
  • “She’s good at singing! She inherited her sense of pitch from her father.”
  • “Are you going to be a singer in the future? I was surprised by such a great song. A wonderful collaboration between parent and child!”
  • “Can elementary school kids sing such mature lyrics? That’s too amazing and she’s good at it”
  • “She has inherited this ability from her father.”

Keeping everyone safe

As any father of three daughters would, Ehara makes sure he teaches his children how to stay safe in situations that would be dangerous for them. His children joined him for this memetic lesson which he posted on Tiktok and Instagram:

"We always have fun."

His youngest child also danced in the background quietly!

His followers reacted:

  • "There are lots of similar fame faces! Lol”
  • “Ehara’s family is the best. They always make me smile, and I also want to be a family member. I wish you all a wonderful day full of smiles.”
  • “What a lovely family ...”
  • “This video makes me happy, and I can sleep well.”

If you want to see more content like this, you can find it on Ehara’s Instagram and YouTube channel. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.