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Daughter taken aback by fishy breakfast

Japanese Twitter user Yama-katsu (@tdkmam2) has a daughter about to become a first grader. On one morning, Yama-katsu made some fried fish for breakfast.

However, the daughter paused and seemed confused when she saw the fish on the table.

This photo should explain why...

"When my daughter saw the fried fish on the table for breakfast, she started counting our goldfish in the fish tank lol. Couldn’t blame her lol!"

The poor girl must have thought “Could it be one of our fishies, possibly?”

Understandably, she started counting the goldfish in the fish tank!

Yama-katsu had to agree with her daughter for this one; “Yes, it looks like our goldfish, doesn’t it?” laughing for the daughter’s behavior.

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he size definitely fits…! This would shock me a little, too!


The goldfishes in the tank seem be taken away, too.


I feel bad for those fishes, but I can definitely understand the daughter’s sentiment!

For your information, the fried fish is called “Nodogurao” (Blackthroat seaperch).

Not a goldfish after all. They certainly do look alike even adults would pause for this, too!

By - Mugi.