Have you ever wondered what magic lies within a Japanese hotel room? Chris from Abroad In Japan answers all your questions on the subject in this video.

This kind of hotel is called a business hotel, often used by businessmen when they are on a business trip.

It is usually located near a station, so it is very convenient and the price is relatively cheap!


After giving up on counting air conditioning units from the view of his 6,500 yen (62 USD) hotel room, Chris heads over to the door of his compact room where one can find disposable slippers, a shoe brush, shoe polish, and a part of a propeller (shoehorn).


He also discovers the Japanese solution to stinky socks — a "deodorant spray of an effective professional specification to the anxious smell.” That is, if you don’t mind your socks to smell like hairspray.


Like most hotels, this bathroom is where you will find the freebies! Amongst the common amenities, Chris discovers an item quite unique to Japan; a swelling body sponge.


The bathroom does, in fact, come with the infamous Japanese toilet, bidet and all. But even better than a toilet that comes with a bunch of buttons, is a toilet paper holder that plays music.


Chris shows us the best part of a standard Japanese hotel room — mood lighting using a remote control! And along with a desk, notepad, and guidebooks, he discovers some green tea and some bizarre Japanese television.


Learn more about life in Japan from Chris’s channel, Abroad In Japan which always carries a dose of sarcasm, humor and plenty of knowledge.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.