As many hamster lovers will tell you, the furry little critters are blessed with a total of four adorable cheeks as their charm point. Whether they're stuffing their face with a little bit too much food or wiggling their behinds as they crawl across the room, hamsters can bring a smile to your face from any angle.

Now hamster fans can bring that furry bundle of joy to coffee and tea time, with a lineup of adorable mugs and spoons that show off both puffy hamster cheeks and butts.

The “Hamster Hyokkori Mugs” (hyokkori is Japanese for "suddenly peeking out") feature some appropriately derpy hamsters crawling out of a hunk of cheese they've apparently been chewing through, as well their round and fluffy bottoms sticking out of the rear.

They even appear to be overflowing from the cups, which come in two different colors.

A pair of just as cheeky matching hamster spoons are also available to make for a truly hamster-themed tea or coffee time.

You can buy the adorable cheeky hamster mugs, as well as hamster spoons at grape SHOP.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.