Last year, Kraft and Japanese sweets and dairy maker Morinaga Milk Industry added to Japan's assortment of flavored dessert cheese slices (berry and chocolate are common flavors) with a new "Mochi Mochi" cheese slice that uses black honey (kuromitsu) and roasted soy bean flour (kinako).

Their next release in what appears to be a series of wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) themed cheese desserts unites two classic flavors in cheesy form: "Kraft Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Flavor".

The new takes a cream cheese base and mixes it with glutinous flour used to make mochi, and then adds matcha and azuki (red bean) flavoring to create what they call a "new texture cheese dessert" to give dessert cheese a Japanese sweets taste.

The "Kraft Mochi Mochi Matcha Azuki Flavor" will go on sale throughout Japan on April 12th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.