Japanese baker cuts loaf of bread as thinly as possible, breaks own record with 47 razor-thin slices!

Japanese baker Jun (@J_buriburi wasn't really competing against anyone but herself, but when she held her very own "bread thin slicing competition", that's exactly who she ended up defeating. Jun tested her precision to see exactly how many slices she could milk out of a loaf of bread, and her photographed results have Japanese Twitter in disbelief as she was able to produce 47 paper-thin slices of bread!

A loaf of bread as thinly sliced as it can be!

47 slices in total

Individually, slices are almost like a soaked paper towel.

Stacked together, it almost appears as if there are no cuts at all

Jun works at the Ogura Bakery in Nagareyama City, Chiba prefecture. As it's an old fashioned bakery, she only had the aide of a manually operated slicer, and says she needed to rely on technique and experience once it got to cutting slices in the 2mm range, especially since she did so within 10 minutes, and without damaging the edges. Many were shocked she was able to get 47 slices out of one loaf, but that she actually used them to make snacks might be the most surprising thing.

Stacking slices and spreading them with cream, Jun served the flimsy cuts of bread as the "47 Millefeuille", her take on the French pastry.

Jun is aiming for a Guinness World Record one day with her slicing technique, so be sure to follow the baker on Twitter in case you get a chance to witness the greatest record since sliced bread.

By - Big Neko.