Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd., which operates the Momminvalley Park in Japan, has announced their plans for the "Moominvalley and Umbrellas" display which will be held from April 17th to August 29th this year.

The design concept for the bright red umbrella canopy is "The Mymble Family, all together! 'Little My's Play Spot' Collaboration Art." It's a 200-meter long corridor of "umbrella sky" in the theme of Little My and her many siblings.

Moominvalley and Umbrellas

This year's "Moominvalley and Umbrellas," the second of its kind, will feature art direction by Masaru Suzuki, who has designed for global brands such as marimekko. The corridor, representing a fusion of Moomin stories and Scandinavian textiles, is one of the largest in Japan and is decorated with about 1,200 colorful umbrellas stretching for about 200 meters, enveloping visitors with a breathtaking view.

The spring version will be held from April 17th to June 20th and the summer version from June 26th to August 29th, with the start of the summer solstice in Northern Europe at the midpoint.

The organizers hope that "Moominvalley and Umbrellas" will be a "vitamin for the soul" that will make guests feel happy, even if just a little bit, in spite of ongoing hardships brought on my the pandemic and the drab weather during the rainy season.

Comment from art director Masaru Suzuki

"The Umbrella Sky season has arrived at Moomin Valley Park again this year, and from April, the umbrella sky will be based on Little My's color, red. Please come and experience an umbrella sky that is linked to the world of Moomin and can only be experienced in this place."

Sustainability Strategy

Scandinavian countries are known to be environmentally advanced, with sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives being taken on a daily basis even at the citizen level. The Metsä Village and Moominvalley Park also share the philosophy of these Scandinavian countries. In order to make a small contribution to the environment, Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd. will be implementing an upcycling initiative in which the 1,200 colorful umbrellas featured in the canopy will find a new use.

After the event, the umbrellas will be upcycled and reused as products from the sustainable fashion brand PLASTICITY, which we have introduced before at grape Japan.

Event Details

  • Title: "Moominvalley and Umbrellas"
  • First half | Spring version: April 17 (Sat) - June 20 (Sun) >> Moominvalley and Umbrellas Spring Festival
  • Late Summer Version: June 26th (Sat) - August 29th *Title TBA
  • *The umbrellas will be replaced between June 21st (Mon.) to June 25th (Fri.)
  • For more information about the event, visit the official page here

By - grape Japan editorial staff.