Scheduled to open in the fall of 2022, Art Villa "ONEBIENT Jinzukyo is a vacation-villa facility that is environmentally conscious from both architectural and technology perspectives. It incorporates natural elements such as light, wind, water, soil and greens in the surrounding environment, with a theme of coexisting with the natural environment.

ONEBIENT Jinzukyo will first open in Tomiyama city, in cooperation with River Retreat GARAKU. Following that, there are plans to open another one in Otsu city, Shiga prefecture.

“ONEBIENT” incorporates the use of natural resources for its operating system to maintain a comfortable environment within the facility. Use of solar power and a firewood boiler allows the facility to run on a complete off-the-grid system. In addition, they also have a plan to integrate its own, complete automated control system. It is a totally new concept of an immersive style retreat experience provided in an unmanned facility, utilizing some of the latest “calm technology”.

By controlling the whole system with automated services that don't require in-person staff, it not only creates a safe environment to run a business, it also allows for a more sustainable operation to the environment and easier maintenance such as for historical buildings. There’s quite a bit of potential to be seen in this field.

In this “ONEBIENT” project, their goal is to find a way for a city to coexist with nature, complementing what nature has to offer locally, including its culture, people and food.

“Art-villa”: 3 wards 4 rooms

Kumoniwa (Cloudy garden)

Yadomori (Villa forest)

Kawautai (River chanting)

There will be three partnered restaurants (Tresonnier for French gastronomy, Rakumi for Japanese kaiseki, and Hamdaya LABO for locally sourced seasonal cuisine) presenting guests with a beautiful culinary experience as well.

Take a look at ONEBIENT's official website for more information

By - Mugi.