Lotte’s ‘Pie no Mi’ is a long-selling chocolate pie snack that has been loved by many over the years since it first appeared on the snack market in 1979.

Pie no Mi traditionally comes in a box filled with the bite-sized hexagonal puff pastry biscuits, which although convenient for a light afternoon snack, some can find aren’t quite big enough to satisfy a hungry appetite.
That’s where the newest addition to the Pie no Mi family comes in – blown up to 17 times the weight of original Pie no Mi biscuits, but retaining the classic hexagonal shape, flavour and texture, the ‘Pie no Mi – Danish’ is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon tea or coffee.

The giant sized Pie no Mi – Danish is available now from FamilyMart stores nationwide (excluding Okinawa.)

Pie no Mi – Danish

A crispy hexagonal puff pastry pie filled to the brim with smooth milk chocolate. By painting egg yolk to the pastry surface and then baking in an oven, the fragrant and crispy texture of Lotte’s famous Pie no Mi has been reproduced in this jumbo-sized version.

Price: 140 yen (tax included)
Release date: 20 April 2021
Available from: 16,300 FamilyMart stores nationwide (excluding Okinawa prefecture)

In addition to the enlarged version of Lotte’s Pie no Mi, a new flavour – caramel pudding – has been added to original sized Pie no Mi line up.

Pie no Mi – Caramel Pudding

64 layers of crispy puff pastry encase a filling of caramel pudding flavoured chocolate.

Price: 183 yen (tax included)
Packaged weight: 69g
Release date: 20 April 2021
Available from: Retailers selling Lotte products nationwide

By - Connie Sceaphierde.