Goodglas Japan has made their name with a series of 3D art bubbly glasses that allow you to transform your drinkware into adorable beverage buddies. Each glass is expertly crafted and hand blown by craftsmen to create a "Design Double Wall Glass" that you can fill with the drink of your choice to give the animal a colorful coat. With weather finally starting to take a warmer turn, there's no better Goodglas partner chill out with than their new penguin model!

The double wall structure of GOODGLAS makes it easy to keep the temperature at a constant level, so there is no condensation on cold drinks, and you can hold hot drinks comfortably in your hand. While it may feel more natural to fill your penguin glass with a chilled drink or even ice cream, the glass can hold hot beverages up to 120 degrees Celsius.

As each glass is hand crafted to order, they all feature a unique expression.

Check out the the adorable bubbly penguin Goodglas glasses at Grape SHOP.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.