During recent events, we’ve all been trying to find inventive ways to amuse ourselves while at home, and one Japanese pet owner has found a way to not only exercise their own creative juices, but keep scores of Twitter users occupied too.

With a ‘Where’s Waldo?’-style concept, a this hamster owner has applied the idea to a hamster called Sarao-kun. With some hamster-lookalikes strewn across a tatami floor and just one real Sarao-kun, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find him among the imposters. Here’s what he looks like as a hint!

The puzzle was uploaded on Twitter, and many replies declare that it’s a particularly difficult one to solve. So give it a try… where’s Sorao-kun?

Once you’re confident (or have completely given up), scroll down further for the answer!

Of all the round, white things to choose from, this was actually him all along, encircled in yellow.

The other items included imposters such as a rolled up towel, and even a daifuku mochi, which many people mistook for the hamster himself.

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By - Jess.