There's a good reason hamsters are such popular pets. For one thing, they're just so darned cute! We've seen them go go flat as a pancake, we've seen them in love with broccoli sprouts, we've seen them congregating as if they were in a church, and just being cute (or ugly?)

In this case, however, we have a contender for hamsters cuteness. Animal lover and Twitter user @ticowillravi, proud owner of a corgi and a horde of hamsters currently numbering fourteen, just can't get enough of her little ones.

"It's amazing. No matter how tired I am when I come home from work, this sleeping face blows it away, fatigue and all..."

The sight of this hamster dozing off with one paw, looking like someone who passed out at a bar counter or in a bathtub, was just too cute not to share, and the tweet has already passed 4,700 likes and nearly 1,800 retweets at the time of writing. Apparently, this is one of the girls in the horde, and she decided to doze off inside the toilet jar, prompting some comments on Twitter:

---"Hey, hey, you're a lady lol. And that's a toilet you're in lol. Excuse me ma'am but it's almost closing time so please wake up..."

---"Do all the girls sleep like this?"

---"Until what time was she drinking last night?"

There a many more cute pictures and videos of her hamsters on her Twitter feed. Here are just a few of the hamsters in her horde:

At the bottom left is father hamster Ponta, and mother hamster Kyuun. At the top are some of the girls, Cool-chan, Abareru-kun No. 2, Mochiko and Buuko.

As you can see, father hamster Ponta has an active lifestyle!

Some hamster acrobatics

All of that riding and jumping around takes a toll on a little hamster. Nap time again...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.