Sailor Moon fans in Japan have truly been spoilt in recent months, with awesome merchandise drops and collaboration products dropping all over the place.

For fans of the classic magical girl anime who like to wear makeup, an official collaboration with Maybelline New York has just gone on sale.

This collection comes in adorable Sailor Moon-inspired packaging featuring various Sailor Scouts and magical motifs like moons and stars. The concept is ‘Girls Power Makeup’ and it’s exclusive to Japan.

There’s a special version of Maybelline’s 'Lashionista', which should help you get those full and girlish anime lashes

Then you can draw your perfect graphic anime eyes with a black pen liner.

For lips there’s four matte inks, with each one corresponding to a different Sailor Scout.

Sailor Mercury’s is described as a sophisticated cherry rose (SM170), while Sailor Mars has a milky brown colour (SM210).

Sailor Jupiter gets in on it with a fashionable brown (SM135) and Sailor Venus is represented by a dazzling and classic red (SM118).

The collection has been released in limited quantities all over Japan, so you can be on the lookout for them while fighting evil by moonlight!

By - Jess.