The fashion of the various Sailor Scouts, from classic anime and manga Sailor Moon, is instantly recognisable, and often emulated by fans and cosplayers alike. There's many ways to put a little nod to your favourite characters into your personal style, including make up, clothing and even perfume. The latest in this long line of Sailor Moon wearables, is from timepiece makers 'Time Station Neo' and consists of some awesome customisable wristwatches based on the iconic magical girls.

In the spirit of Sailor Moon’s transformation powers, the watches come with various options to change up the look. The set contains a metal watch strap plus another leather-style one to switch it out with. Then there’s also some jewelled charms to customise your watch’s look further.

There’s two sets to choose from, but both come with the same watch face which is made of mother of pearl and has colourful details to denote the numerals.

The first option is called the ‘Sailor 4 Senshi Version’. The watch’s decorative charms are colour coded to evoke the image of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. The watch straps are metallic rose gold and off-white.

‘Outer 4 Senshi Version’ is inspired by the other four guardians who protect the solar system, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. The changeable watch straps are gold and an understated navy blue.

Each set costs 22,000 yen, and more information about where to buy them can be found on the Time Station Neo website.

By - Jess.