As things are starting to heat up for the 88th Japan National Horserace Derby which is due to be held on 30 May 2021, Japan Racing Association and Umaibo are getting spectators pumped for the show with the second part of their collaboration campaign.

The first half of the campaign, which ran for 8 days from May 12, saw a total of 800 people take part in a special lottery on twitter in order to win a set of 530 derby edition Umaibo sticks.
Due to the popularity of the first event, Umaibo and Japan Racing Association decided to extend the campaign and began the second half on 21 May 2021.

This time, the campaign will see a total of 88 people presented with an Umaibo x Derby body pillow and Umaibo x Derby pyjamas, so that they can enjoy the derby event from home.

Umaibo x Derby Campaign part 2

Prize: Umaibo x Derby Body Pillow and Umaibo x Derby pyjamas *winners will be able to choose a set from a collection of Umaibo x Derby collaboration items.
Application period: 21 May 2021 – 31 May 2021

Application Method
1. Follow the official campaign account on twitter @umaibo_derby
2. Applicants should retweet their favourite Umaibo x Derby body pillow and pyjama sets (original posts will be tweeted on the official account at 15:30 every day)

The winners of the campaign will be contacted privately, and then announced once the prizes have been shipped.
The collection of Umaibo x Derby body pillows are listed below along with the information regarding their characters.

Name: Meet the Natto
Gender: Colt
Features: A racehorse from Ibarakimi island who is especially proud of his fashionably styled mane.

Name: Takoyaki Black
Gender: Colt
Features: The number of takoyaki on his head increases with each race he wins.

Name: Tarako the Lip
Gender: Filly
Features: A horse with attractive lips, Tarako the Lip puts her all into the last lap of each race.

Name: Natto Afro
Gender: Colt
Features: Natto Afro can accelerate so fast, that the natto sticks to his head like an afro, the strings of which are as strong as horse riding reins.

Name: Golden Mayo
Gender: Filly
Features: Born in Osaka, her long hair resembles a tasty mixture of takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Name: Never Never Give Up
Gender: Colt
Features: His strong determination means that he never gives up even though his fur is in sticky natto strings.

Name: Mach Octopus
Gender: Colt
Features: A hybrid cross between an octopus and a horse, Mach Octopus has the speed of 8 legs on his side.

Name: Hakata Mentarita
Gender: Filly
Features: Underneath that sweet smile, Hakata Mentarita is the accelerating queen of the racing field.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.