Among residents, Japan is known as the "country of God." One of the reasons behind this saying is that the country is home to various beautiful natural sceneries that rotate with the season. Of course, readers are familiar with cherry blossoms and all they inspire, but Azalea flowers are also highly renowned in Japan. Azaleas, which blossom at the end of the sakura season, bloom luscious flowers in several colors such as pink, white, red, and orange.

Recently, photographer Yukari Mitani (@mitsuyuka_lp) uploaded pictures of azalea on Twitter that gained traction. Check them out for yourself:

"The azaleas of Mifuneyama Rakuen in Saga Prefecture were beautiful."

The scenery is striking in that it almost feels otherworldly. It's impossible to ignore a type of dreamlike quality emanating from the photo. Many followers were fascinated by the scene, noticing how the clusters of azaleas seem to form a carpet for the forest ground. The commented:

  • “This looks like a pastel painting.”
  • "I wonder if you were to eat these whether they would taste like Japanese sweets."
  • “How fantastic.”
  • “It's an azalea paradise...”

A phantom place hidden as if it were some kind of secret garden. I want to go there.

Other azalea images

Sure enough, azalea flowers gather a lot of attention on Japanese SNS. A separate image posted by Shunsuke Nagashima (@robertfeldman02) also caught some eyes:

"Miyama Kirishima"

This captivating mountainside scenery is a limited-time-only treat that can be seen during the spring. Admirers appreciated this and responded:

  • "As with your previous photo, you can feel the mysterious atmosphere of this image! I realized how beautiful a country Japan is thanks to your post.”
  • “Beautiful! If you were to see this kind of scenery with your own eyes, your outlook on life would change! Thank you for the picture."
  • “Even though it is a magnificent photo, the flowers are so vivid that it seems as though it's not real.”

Dreamlike picture of cats

Maintaing the theme of dreamlike vistas, Yukari Mitani (@mitsuyuka_lp)--the first photographer—has a knack for capturing other surreal scenes. She posted these fanciful cat pictures that almost feel like frames from a Ghibli movie:

"I like moonlit cats."

Her followers reacted:

  • "It feels like I’m looking at some kind of splendid picture book.”
  • “I like the setting sun and the dark blue gradation of the sky. But I wonder what exactly to say to describe my impression...”
  • “I like this photo even though I’ve seen it many times!”
  • “I think many viewers would say, ‘I want to be born as a cat in the next life.’"
  • ”Cool! The silhouette alone makes a picture! A moonlit cat is so mysterious!”
  • “Really, it seems like I'm chasing after a wizard."
  • "It's the world of fairy tales."

Nostalgic suburb

Yukari Mitani (@mitsuyuka_lp) also posted these pictures on Twitter of a nostalgic Japanese suburb:

"I don't know if you know this, but the country in summer is really bittersweet"

Indeed, countryside suburbs are imbued with a sort of quaint nostalgia. Being a foreigner, I can only imagine what it must be like for residents who grow up in these areas. Yukari’s followers also understand this feeling:

  • “I agree with you. The most memorable part of summer is the chorus of frogs in the rice fields. The mornings, on the other hand, are very lively with the singing of cicadas.”
  • “I understand this feeling. However, I can't articulate exactly what it makes me think, but I can understand why you say it's 'bittersweet’".”

Japan has a lot of mysterious views and awe-inspiring vistas. Hopefully, these photos inspire creativity and wanderlust among readers.

By - Luke Mahoney.